The “Next Economy”

The next “economy”, if I attempt to define/predict it tonite, is the “creative economy”. A number of ppl are concerned about “smart” computers taking over humanity soon (think: the Terminator movie series). While not many know for sure what the future holds, I can say that a lot of fears that “intelligent” machines will take jobs from humans are well-founded- others are shortsighted.

“Yes- machines will automate a number of tasks currently performed manually by humans. Those replaced individuals will then have to get creative (with enough warning, hopefully they’ve been trying to ‘get creative’ for a while) about the new work tasks that they can exploit incl. programming their new task-takers, designing things more closely to the specs consumers desire, etc.”

(begin rant) Re: the example of “designing things more closely to the specs consumers desire”- at least at first, machines won’t be able to do such. We might finally have to do away with the ideation/principle of quick profit that comes from planned obsolescence and the pushing out of “iterative” versions (read: iPhone) and replace it with the production of tech that more closely meets actual consumer demand. (end rant)

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