Google Voice-to-Text Tool

(The Tool mentioned in this post no longer works due to Google updates.  However- this tool created by another user works as of 4-24-15.)

I created this simple tool to take advantage of Google’s excellent voice-to-text technology.
I recently tried the well-known voice-to-text program, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but Google’s service blows Dragon out of the water.  Dragon took far too long to load, took too long to produce a transcription, and made many more errors than Google.

Advantages to this Google Voice implementation over Dragon’s desktop solution are that 1) it’s free, 2) it’s more accurate, 3) it’s a heck of a lot faster, and 4) it’s accessible from any device in the world. If you’re using a device that lacks a mic, have no fear!*

One drawback of the current implementation is that the user has to copy/paste the transcription to their desired input field such as email message body or IM window- with Dragon, the transcription is output directly in the user’s field of choice.  Another drawback is that Google often mistakes a short pause or breath for the end of the recording, thus forcing the user to have to click the Mic icon again to continue where they left off.  This leads to a third issue since subsequent transcriptions overwrite previous transcriptions, forcing the user to have to copy preceding transcriptions to an alternate location before beginning the next recording.

Despite these drawbacks, this tool has been incredibly useful in reducing time spent typing emails, responding to texts, posting to Facebook- I hope you enjoy it! In case you get as much use out of it as I did, leave a post and mention in what manner it helped you!

*Most modern cellphones can be used to route audio through the phone’s mic to a computer.  I have an Android phone and use WO Mic which takes the audio being recorded by my phone’s mic and sends it over USB cable to my computer (you can also route audio via Bluetooth and WiFi).  I’m sure there are equivalent solutions for non-Android phones, but haven’t tested any. Leave a comment if you come across any adequate solutions.

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